May 31, 2004

Vicious Murderer and Proud of it

Yes he is, my son, and I'm proud of him. Single handedly, with the use of a
ominous looking spray can (with posion warnings in three languages, no less!) my son killed probably hundreds and hundreds of evil mosquitos.

And mom and dad, because the youngest children were able to sleep, finally caught some shut-eye themselves.

Saturdany night was nuts. The youngest two, and they are not babies, were being plauged so badly by the mosquitos that they were up and down all night. The "baby" of the family, now five, was CRYING at one point. Mom, after spreading calamine lotion all over her back with little affect, headed for the kitchen and some ice, and spent part of the evening soothing the itches that way.

We tried to kill them off by just swatting at them whenever we got the chance. One evening my son spent five minutes swatting at them with a newspaper...(he's taller and faster than I am. I was not going to win any awards for my mosquito killing abilities.)

It obviously wasn't working. And after a night of no sleep---I actually went to bed at dawn-- we couldn't stand it anymore.

So the next morning after he dropped the little one at school dh went to the macholet (grocery plus store on the yishuv(settlement) and got the poison stuff.

I'm kind of earth-mothery, hippy-dipppy person.I hate poison stuff. (take note please of the unscientific use of the word stuff.)Especially poison stuff that warns you to hide the food and bury the dishes . I always worry, worry-wart that I am and forever will be, that I am also, despite precautions, poisoning ourselves.

But something had to be done.

And the kids slept, and the parents slept.


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