May 28, 2004

Just Me

Well, I'm entering the blogging world, a bit timidlyy I admit. I wonder how much to say and what to leave for later.

I guess the basics are in order.

I'm 46, married (25 years) mom to five children, the oldest being 22 and living in the states, the other four here with me in Israel. We made aliyah this past July. We live on a settlement, and yes it is over the green line, and yes I feel safe.

I wish I had moved here to Israel 22 years ago. That is my one and only regret about moving to Israel.

Oh, things I don't like about Israel.

Mice, lice, ants and mosquitos. The last, the mosquitos, are really causing problems now...One of my kids looks as if she is taken, routinely, into space for unspeakable medical exams.

The mice keep invading. I want a cat.
I also want a ferret.

Anyone who has a ferret who wants a good home, and lives in Israel and said ferret will get along with children, a potential cat and a real live basset hound dog, please email me.

Rachel Ann


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